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The 2500 Series®Classic Programmable Automation Control (PAC) system is a powerful, flexible, multi-application controls system with unmatched reliability and ease of use. Its modular design and robust process control capability including built-in communications ports and considerable I/O capacity deliver PAC performance, while its operational simplicity and ease of use provide PLC-like usability.

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The 2500 Series®has its roots in the “ahead-of-its-time” Texas Instruments/Simatic 505®Series system known for its robust performance, intuitive design, and elegantly simple PID and special function programming


The 2500 Series®reinvigorates and modernizes this legendary product line with more memory, more speed and many new features while maintaining backwards compatibility. The most important feature of every product CTI sells is compatibility —both backward and forward.

We don’t obsolete our products and expect customers to buy our latest control system.


Instead, our products are conceived to allow customers to improve systems incrementally —building on previous investments in equipment, programming, and training. A brand new controller with modern features will work seamlessly with I/O modules from ten years ago or from ten years hence This allows you to upgrade your control system at your own pace and with minimal disruption.


Powerful Windows-based tool for developing and debugging automation applications on the 2500P-ACP1 Advanced Communication Coprocessor.

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